A Mid-Range Solutions

This mid-range storage system improves energy efficiency without sacrificing performance or reliability.

M310 offers

  • Available in 3.5" drives and 2.5" drives.
  • Supports DDRs, SSDs, Nearline SAS and traditional SAS HDDs in the same enclosure.
  • Scales to 480 drives - an increase of more than 300% in the Total number of disk drives.
  • Expands maximum capacity by 2.5 times to more than 758 TB per system in a RAID 5 configuration.
  • 48GB of cache.



Additional Advantages Include

  • A power-efficient processor with a TDP (thermal design power) of 30W.
  • Autonomously control operating mode to reduce power consumption of the entire system.
  • A straightforward navigational GUI to easily modify settings and capacity, and monitor disk performance.


The M Series M1110 comes equipped with our Base Software Pack. Optional software upgrade packs are also available including:

  • Advanced Performance Pack
  • Local Replication Pack
  • Remote Replication Pack
  • Data Security Pack
  • Virtual QoS Pack
  • Virtual Management Pack


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