Beyond The Basics

In addition to a robust based pack optional software is available that can be bundled and modified to meet specific storage requirements and environments.

M Series Based Software Pack

Everything needed to install, configure, manage and monitor NEC's SAN storage including the management of multiple systems from a single-pane-of-glass and power optimization (Comes standard with no charge).


Storage Manager Express Servers
Manage flexible and powerful functions on a single array through embedded intuitive GUI.
Storage Manager Servers
Extend storage management capability across multiple arrays using single-pane-of-glass GUI.
Storage Power Conserver
Pin down the inactive disk drives for energy efficiency.
Define volume access rights for secure shared storage.
Monitor real-time performance and load on storage through Storage Manager GUI.
Analyze monitored log data graphically for insightful diagnostics.
Storage Manager Command Servers
Control M-Series with CLI commands.
Thin Provisioning Servers
Minimize cost and utilize storage efficiently with virtualized capacity.
VMware Cooperation
Collaborate with VMware through vSphere web client plug-in, vCenter plug-in, VASA provider, VAAI and storage replication adapter.
Manage multi-path connection for high availability.
Data Migration
Migrate data directly between NEC disk systems without affecting network.
Dynamic Data Replication Express
Replicate/snapshot volumes within same system using GUI/CLI.


The M Series M1110 comes equipped with our Base Software Pack. Optional software upgrade packs are also available including:

  • Advanced Performance Pack
  • Local Replication Pack
  • Remote Replication Pack
  • Data Security Pack
  • Virtual QoS Pack
  • Virtual Management Pack


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