Proficiency & Affordability

M-Series, NEC's diverse line of storage disk array solutions, makes large-scale storage consolidation and scalability easy with autonomous operations using advanced virtualization technologies, a high-speed solid state drive and thin provisioning.

Whether for an entry-level, low-end, mid-tier or high-performance environment, we deliver the optimal system that perfectly balances non-disruptive, highly efficient and secure availability with energy-savings affordability.

Strategic Benefits

Our M Series solutions have been developed to respond to the needs of the next-generation infrastructure. This means providing capabilities that are central to any organization looking to improve the way they store, share and archive critical data, including

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High performance.
Enhance stability.
Ready availability


Data tiering.
Cache management.
Advanced data pooling

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Lower power consumption.
Reduced cooling costs.
Smaller space requirements.


Self-encrypting drives.
Secure erase technology.

Next Generate M-Series SAN Storage Solutions

Discover how NEC's SAN storage solutions deliver significant improvements through enhanced speed, scale, and functionality with this informative video

M-Series Storage Disk Arrays

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