Efficient Optimization

NEC's HYDRAstor Advanced Data Services advances integration with backup and archive applications to improve throughput, maximize storage capacity operation, shorten backup windows, reduce network bandwidth consumption and optimize off-site backup workloads.

The HYDRAstor Advance Data Services offers

  • Dynamic input and output computing for adaptive load balancing.
  • Shorter backup windows with a lightweight data transfer protocol more efficient than standard I/O protocols such as network file system and common internet file system.
  • Enables small remote sites to backup to HYDRAstor at a data center reducing both network and storage cost.



Other Features Include

  • Leverages HYDRAstor's RepliGrid WAN-optimized replication technology to efficiently copy backup images to remote systems.
  • Minimizes the backup window by offloading synthetic full backup processing to HYDRAstor.

RepliGrid Compatibility

This software brings robust functionality across the entire HYDRAstor hardware product line.

This includes:

  • HS8-5000 - Scale-out global dedupliation backup storage
  • HS6-5000A - Scale-out grid storage for archive and long-term data
  • HS3-510 - Inline deduplication storage


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