The Express5800/AD106c Storage and I/O blade is a direct attached storage blade designed to operate either as a storage extension to the server blades in NEC blade system, or as primary storage for NEC’s blades. The NEC storage and IO blade is designed for application compatibility and high availability in a choice of configurations.

Key hardware features

  • Supports a high performance 6Gb/s SAS interface
  • Up to six 2.5-inch SAS and SATA hard drives
  • Storage blade doubles the server blades I/O capacity for gigabit ports or fibre channel ports
  • Expanded I/O gigabit & fibre channel bandwidth mezzanine slots


Model name AD106c
Internal storage  6 x 2.5-inch drive bay

SAS HDD (6.0Gb/s): 5.4TB (6 x 1.2 TB)

SATA HDD : 6TB (6 x 1TB)

SSD: 2.4 TB (6 x 400GB)

Hot plug Supported
PCI-e mezzanine slot

1 x Type-1

1 x Type-2

Network interface 2 x 1000BASE-X
Weight 5 Kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 52 x 516 x 180 mm
Enclosure Blade Enclosure M, Blade Enclosure H v2
Power consumption 240 Watt (VDC)
Operating temperature 10 - 35°C