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Эксклюзивное интервью с Хироаки Мизумачи, техническим директором NEC Hydrastor
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Original: https://www.storagenewsletter.com/2017/03/28/exclusive-interview-with-hiroaki-mizumachi-cto-nec-hydrastor/

Who is Hiroaki Mizumachi?

He is:

He was:

  • VP, NEC Corp.

StorageNewsletter: NEC is a global IT vendor, could you summarize the genesis and background of your storage portfolio?
Hiroaki Mizumachi: NEC started computer system HW and SW manufacturing since 1960s, and had homegrown storage systems like disk drives, tape drives, optical discs and robotic libraries. But they were for NEC's proprietary mainframe systems at the moment. NEC turned its accumulated experiences and technologies into open systems in late 1990s and developed variety of storage lineups, disk arrays, NAS devices, LTO drives and libraries, optical drives and storage appliances, although it's not so known in the market yet.

Some figures about NEC as a group?
NEC was founded in 1899 and started phone equipments and related facilities manufacturing. It expanded its business area to public infrastructures, communication equipments, satellites, computers, security systems and others over more than 100 years of its history.

NEC and its subsidiaries have 100,000 employees worldwide, footprint in over 160 countries and 9 global research labs with more than $3 billion annual revenue.

About HYDRAstor, could you share the story of the product? Who are the people behind the produtc?
HYDRAstor technology was invented initially at NEC Research Lab in the US, Princeton NJ, by two talented researchers and introduced to business unit in Japan in 2002. It initially targeted for robust storage by using erasure codes and grid architecture. It pursued perfect distribution and came up with building completely content addressable storage structure which gave block level deduplication almost for free. And we, as a business unit, decided to focus on backup and archive area after careful market research, and shipped first unit in September 2007. All the components in the product are home grown except Linux OS and development team is distributed in Japan, India and Europe.

What are the challenges to solve?
Complexity and difficulty in enterprises' backup environment, where many independent target devices are deployed which causes management nightmare as data amount to be protected increases exponentially. And there's no single product really scale in terms of capacity and performance yet having global deduplication with short enough housekeeping works which usually makes significant performance drop.

What's company vision for HYDRAstor?
It's recognized as one of the real leading edge products appealing worldwide. And expected to be business driver of overseas market. So, NEC will keep enhancing the product.

What are the target market segments?
I would say all segment. But most sold verticals are finance, manufacturer, retail, public (government, local government), medical and media. Big configuration tends to be in financial or media segment.

Is HYDRAstor just a backup and archive appliance or more than that?
It started from backup and archive and they are the area that the product is quite strong. Now it's enhanced to object storage area and tiered storage area so that it became a kind of unified secondary storage platform. In the future, we may consider hosting some applications like indexing, analyzing etc., which can enhance HYDRAstor's capability by utilizing computing power in the grid.

Do you consider HYDRAstor a SDS offering? What's your definition of SDS?
Yes, it's mostly built by software and we now have a real software only offering with virtual appliance. Our definition of SDS is a storage running on commodity platform with rich features given by software.


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